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Johnson & Ritchey, P.A. is a civil litigation law firm focusing on family law and personal injury cases. The firm was started by attorneys Caroline Johnson and Christen Ritchey. We pride ourselves on providing quality representation and maintaining excellent client contact. When you call Johnson & Ritchey P.A., you will be immediately connected with an attorney. If the attorneys are busy assisting other clients, your call will be returned as soon as possible.

The attorneys at Johnson & Ritchey P.A. keep their clients informed during every stage of the litigation. They are here to advise and guide their clients, but encourage client involvement and input. The attorneys believe that a team approach to a file usually produces the best strategies and results.

Johnson & Ritchey P.A. handles family law and personal injury matters. We also provide alternative dispute resolution services, including mediation and collaborative law services.

The firm gives each file the attention and time necessary to fully represent its client's interest, from the simplest to most complex cases. The firm's goal is to have its clients understand the legal process, feel confident that their interests are being fully represented throughout the entire matter, and reach the best resolution possible for its clients.

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