About The Firm

Boca Raton Family Law Firm

Johnson & Ritchey, P.A. is a collaborative family law firm striving to help South Florida families through the family law process in a better way. Most people know someone who has gone through a hostile divorce. No matter who "wins" or "loses" in such a court battle, everyone is scarred by the experience. Attorneys Caroline Johnson and Christen Ritchey started Johnson & Ritchey, P.A. to provide their clients with options to reach a smoother and more efficient resolution of their case.

Our goal is to provide quality representation to our clients as they navigate through their family law matter. While it can be a very emotional process, we strive to assist our clients to divorce with dignity. We approach each file with compassion and help our clients evaluate if traditional litigation is the right method for them or if they may benefit from exploring alternative dispute resolution such as mediation and/or the collaborative family law process.

Johnson & Ritchey, P.A. recognizes they are assisting their clients through a critical point in their and their family’s lives. The firm's goal is to provide a personal experience for its clients and to have each and every client understand the legal process, feel confident that their interests are being fully represented throughout the entire matter and reach the best resolution possible for its clients. Client contact and participation are of the utmost importance to us. Our attorneys keep their clients informed during every stage of the process. They are here to advise and guide their clients while encouraging client involvement and input.

The firm gives each file the attention and time necessary to fully represent its client's interest, from the simplest to most complex cases. Call us today to find out how we can assist in building a solution to your family law matters.