Civil Litigation Matters


The attorneys at Johnson & Ritchey P.A. have combined over 15 years' experience representing clients regarding construction disputes. The attorneys have handled cases for contractors, sub-contractors, material men as well as homeowners with lien issues, breach of contract cases, and bond matters.

Construction law is a technical area of the law and you should always contact an attorney knowledgeable in this area before entering into or disputing any construction contracts. The attorneys at Johnson & Ritchey train in and research this area of the law to stay on top of the ever changing statutes.


Johnson & Ritchey can handle real estate disputes that have gone to litigation, including foreclosure matters. While we do not handle transactional matters, such as document preparation and closings, we do have a network of trusted professionals we can refer you to for those matters.


Probate & Trust Litigation involve matters such as will contests, removal of personal representatives, interference with an expected bequest, breach of fiduciary duties and demands for accountings. Many times these matters involve emotional struggles among family members.

The attorneys at Johnson & Ritchey, P.A. pride themselves on handling these cases rationally and practically without emotion and will assist their clients in doing the same, during what is usually a difficult time.


Unfortunately, not everyone lives up to their end of a bargain. Contract disputes are very common. When one party breaches a contract, the other party is often left unsure of how to proceed, what their obligations are, what damages they are entitled to and how to recover the same. The attorneys at Johnson & Ritchey have years of experience interpreting contracts, advising clients on their obligations pursuant to the contract, and enforcing the parties' contract or assisting their clients in recovering against a breaching party. We understand that our clients have been damaged based on the other party's breach and we handle the recovery process as efficiently as possible to try to bring a resolution for our client.