Family Law Matters


Divorce can be an emotional and difficult time. The attorneys at Johnson & Ritchey focus on a practical objective approach that assists clients in making rational decisions during this important time in their lives. While the attorneys believe it is usually best for families to try to resolve their issues amicably, that is not always possible. Johnson & Ritchey handles all types of divorce cases, from uncontested dissolution matters to the most litigious. Johnson & Ritchey has a large network of professionals that it can refer clients to, when necessary, ranging from financial experts to mental health professionals. The attorneys at Johnson & Ritchey make sure they always have a manageable case load so that they can focus their attention on every client and file, with a focus on quality representation, not quantity. The attorneys make themselves available to listen and consult during the case regarding any issue. During a divorce, no issue or detail should be too small for your attorney's ear.


Paternity actions involve child issues including time-sharing, parental responsibility (decision making for the parties' minor child or children) and child support issues. Johnson & Ritchey assists its clients in all of these areas, with a focus on keeping the parties' minor child the priority throughout the process. Johnson & Ritchey focuses on the parent's concerns and guides them throughout the litigation process. While Johnson & Ritchey makes suggestions to its clients throughout the case, the client always remains in control. With the best interest of the client's child in mind, Johnson & Ritchey fights hard for its clients with a goal of having child support established in accordance with Florida's guidelines and a Parenting Plan established that is best for each particular case. No two cases are the same, as no two families are exactly the same. Johnson & Ritchey gives each file the individual attention it needs to tailor it to that particular family's needs.


Johnson & Ritchey, PA can handle any post dissolution or post final judgment modifications or enforcement actions that might be necessary. These matters will arise after the parties have been divorced or paternity has been established. They can range from modification of time-sharing, child support or alimony, relocation with a minor child or enforcement and contempt matters for a party's failure to comply with prior court orders. Johnson & Ritchey can take on these matters whether we represented you in your initial action or a different attorney handled it. The attorneys at Johnson & Ritchey take the same approach to these matters as they do in divorce matters. They remain focused on the files and are responsive to all of their client's concerns.